Fun Activities for the Beach

As I was sitting on the beach over the weekend, I began to think about ways in which we can make playing at the beach a learning experience. Try these ideas the next time you go to the beach:

Sand Exploration:

Bring a magnifying glass and look at the sand up close with your child. Talk about how it looks and feels. What other objects can you find in the sand?

Building Sandcastles:

Building sandcastles with your child can help them with a variety of math concepts. With younger children you can talk about bigger and smaller, taller and shorter, etc. For older children you can challenge them to build upwards and work on the concept of balance.

Seashell/Rock patterning:

While you are walking along the beach with your child you can gather rocks or shells. Once you have found your way back under your beach umbrella and are ready to relax you can use the shells and rocks to talk about a variety of concepts. For example, you can talk about the similarities and differences between the rocks. You can use the shells to create a pattern and have your child continue the pattern. Using either the rocks or the shells, you can create letters and have your child tell you what they are or they can create the letters and you tell them what letter it is.

There are many other ways to incorporate learning into your fun at the beach. It just takes a moment to turn a fun activity into a fun learning experience. Enjoy your time at the beach!!


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