From the Senior Director

  • Ten sentence starters besides…..”good job”

    Parents and teachers often say “good job” as an automatic response to a child’s action. “You ate all of your peas. Good job!” “You did a good job putting away the toys.” A “good job” now and then is fine, but it doesn’t help children understand why what they did was good. Preschoolers need to know what they did, why it worked, or why
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From the Director

  • Planning for positive guidance

    Guiding children’s behavior is something done throughout the day, not just when a child acts in a way that is unsafe or unacceptable. You guide behavior by establishing predictable routines, setting clear rules with children, and modeling kindness and respect. You are also attentive and aware of what is going on. Together, these actions help children feel noticed, confident, and secure. Children experience your
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Upcoming Events


    Join us for a FUN FILLED summer camp as we celebrate, create memories, and have lots of fun in our daily activities, weekly field trips, and water fun! Eligible ages for summer camp is preschool through school age. we offer a part time to full time fluctuating schedule that fits your families needs! Call us for details and calendar information!